The JuMu Story

My Save the Rhino journey started on my 11th birthday. My Mom had been telling me about the plight of the Rhino, so I decided it was time to try and make a difference. I felt it symbolic that most of the demand for the horn originated in Asia, where I lived, but I was born in South Africa, where most of the world’s population of rhino occur.

I did not want the Big Five to become the Big Four!

Instead of an ordinary birthday party, I asked my friends to join me and paint Save the Rhino pictures. My friends painted awesome artworks of rhino, and when we had finished, we auctioned them off and managed to raise a total of R30 000. We had great fun for a great cause and my friends and their parents learned a lot about the plight of the rhino!

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The stats

Rands raised
Rhino collared
Black rhino left
White rhino left