• Chipembere.org

    JuMu Donation Funds Rhino Tracking Collars | Chipembere.org

    A massive thank you from all of us at Chipembere Rhino Foundation to our friends at JuMu Rhino Fund for another incredible donation of R50,784.00! Dedicated to protecting and preserving the diminishing number of rhino in South Africa, Chipembere Rhino Foundation has allocated the funds towards the purchase of 13 rhino tracking collars that were donated to two private rhino reserves in the Eastern Cape so that they may better monitor and protect their rhino.

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  • 50/50

    Jules talks to 50/50

    A brave survivor of a horrific poaching incident, rhino Thandi was left lying in a pool of blood with her horn hacked off and her skull mutilated. A team of vets, together with the staff at the Kariega Game Reserve decided to operate on her face in the hope that she may survive the ordeal. Survive she did, and we at 50|50 are delighted to bring you her story, culminating in the birth of Thembi, a vivacious little calf.

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  • Samara

    Julia and the Rhino: a story of hope for a species

    With information on the internet and social media being so accessible to all ages, the plight of the Rhino is making headlines in the minds of the young and old. None more so than for 11-year-old Julia Murray from Hong Kong.

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  • We Can Change Our World

    Second skin graft on poaching survivor

    The procedure was attended by a special guest from Hong Kong, Julia Murray, a 12-year-old rhino activist who has been raising anti-poaching awareness for the past year, attracting all sorts of media attention in Hong Kong and beyond.

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  • Carole Knight

    Update on Thandi the rhino

    Julia is a rhino activist who has been raising awareness about rhino poaching in Hong Kong and beyond in the Asian region. She has also raised R90 000 for rhino conservation – a great example of a young person building on the example set by a previous generation of committed eco-warriors.

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  • World Youth Rhino Summit

    Delegates of the World Youth Rhino Summit

    Julia Murray – 11 year-old rhino activist and founder of the Julia Murray Foundation. The delegates also had the opportunity to engage with conservation activists, anti-poaching, tourism and leadership experts and other young people involved in rhino anti-poaching campaigns.

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  • Kariega

    Second skin graft procedure for rhino Thandi at Kariega

    For over a year now, Julia has been raising awareness in Hong Kong for the plight of the rhino, starting amongst her friends and then in her school. Now her inspiring story is attracting all sorts of media attention around Hong Kong and beyond.

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  • Nakavango

    The Rhino Situation – seeking out the “positives”

    A 12-year-old girl started a remarkable campaign to help the vulnerable rhinos in Africa. This 12-year-old Hong Kong conservationist Julia Murray has spent a lot of time raising money and awareness for Africa’s endangered rhinos.

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  • Dispatch Live

    Rhino warrior girl still on track

    A 14-year-old Grahamstown schoolgirl who has already raised R200000 to try and save Eastern Cape’s rhinos from poachers, said she had no plans of giving up anytime soon.

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  • Sunday Times

    Schoolgirl turns birthday parties into rhino auctions

    Living in Asia, the centre of the illegal trade in rhino horn, inspired a South African teenager to raise almost R200000 for wildlife conservation. Jules Murray's money has enabled the Chipembere Rhino Foundation to buy tracking collars and anti-poaching equipment for game rangers and cover vet and helicopter costs. She has also sponsored a tracker dog named Dixie.

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